WorldanimalJobs Foundation (a sister organisation of People for Animals in India) is a dutch, Aeqor accredited, training company for students and offers:

  • programs for placement of interns and volunteers to animalprojects in Third World countries.
  • support to organisations for animal welfare and animal shelters and/or hospitals.
  • assistance with the setting up of animal clinics in developing countries through fundraising, membership donations and other non-financial support.
  • The WorldAnimalJobs Foundation wants to support and initiate projects which aim to encourage people to improve care for their animals and local environment.

Stray animals in in developing countries

In the current climate of inequality and materialism it is more than ever important that we support each other, both humans and animals, in order to ensure that all living things receive a fair chance in life. Animal welfare has no priority in developing countries. Both animals and humans suffer the consequences of factors such as poverty, lack of education, religious beliefs and social injustices.

Stray animals are considered to be a burden as they multiply quickly and often carry infectious diseases. We wish to prevent these animals from becoming sick and thereby further spreading disease. By supporting sterilisation programs and medical treatment we aim to bring about conditions in which man and animal can live in harmony.

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