Goals and activities


Support of local partnerorganisations who are preventing streetanimals in developing country´s of unnecessary suffering. By means of:

  • Supporting local partner organisations that work to birthcontrol measures.
  • Support of local partner organizations that provide shelter and treatment to injured, abused and neglected Street animals.
  • The broadcasting of interns and volunteers to local partner organizations.



Various activities are already underway such as:

  • Ipan Niligriris
    India Project for Animals and Nature
    Hill View Farm Animal Refuge
    Mavanalla, Masinagudi post
    643223 Nilgiris
    Tamil Nadu, India
    tel: +91 (0) 423 2526 158
    mobile: +91 944 36 99 376
  • P.F.A. animal hospital at Agra (Uttar Pradesh). Website: www.pfa-agra.org
  • These activities are currently focused on India but will be expanded to include other developing countries in due course.


Activities which will receive our attention in the near future:

  • Setting up animal hospitals and shelters.
  • Taking measures to improve the welfare of animals such as supporting sterisalisation programs and initiatives for creating water supplies and feeding places.
  • Support of campagnes for good, functional laws for animal protection.
  • Developing educational activities within The Netherlands with the aim of increasing affinity for and commitment to animals.
  • Finding adoption families for deserted animals.


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