Two years in India

In 1998 Carolien Roovers established herself in India for a period of two years. She was deeply moved by the plight of stray animals living on the streets. She had already seen similar suffering in countries such as Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Sri Lanke and Nepal.

During this period she began to give medical treatment to these stray animals. In this way an increasing number of stray animals came to be in her home. After some time this was noticed by the local population who began to bring sick animals to her for treatment. She attempted to negociate with local organisations on behalf of these animals and where possible to seek adoptive homes.

Through these activities she came in contact with P.F.A (People for Animals), a national organisation for animal welfare responsible for establishing animal shelters and hospitals in many locations. They are also responsible for many of the animal welfare laws in India. With the support of the P.F.A. it was possible for her to intensify her street work for sick and mistreated animals.


Back in Holland – establishing the WorldAnimalJobs Foundation

Once back in The Netherlands Carolien Roovers decided to continue her work by establishing a foundation to support existing animal welfare organisations in developing countries. The chairwoman of P.F.A., Mrs Maneka Ghandi, gave her permission to begin a sister organisation of the P.F.A. in The Netherlands. On the 19th April 2002, together with help from two volunteers, The WorldAnimalJobs Foundation was established.


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